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Crypto Arbitrage Trading
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*Investments from R100,000+ required

BitInvest (Pty) Ltd

What is Crypto Arbitrage?

Crypto arbitrage trading is when you buy Crypto’s such as Bitcoin on a certain international market at a discounted rate and then sell the same Crypto in a different geographical market at a premium, thereby making a profit from the price discrepancies in those particular markets.

BitInvest utilizes an algorithm which calculates the price differences of particular markets, thus enabling BitInvest to easily ascertain the ideal time in which to trade, in order to exploit the arbitrage opportunity to generate healthy profits for our clients.

BitInvest offers a trading service on behalf of our clients, so you can leave the trades to our experienced team.  BitInvest deposits the profits per trade into the nominated bank account of our clients; so you have the comfort of seeing your realized profits sitting in your own bank account instead of ours!

Let us help you generate returns which will outperform any other traditional investment!

How it Works?

Frequently asked Questions

There is a degree of risk in every investment.  However, we pride ourselves in ensuring there is less risk compared to most asset classes, with the benefit of returns which can outperform every traditional investment out there!

BitInvest utilises a system whereby we are able to lock in profits even before we do the trade.

Making this investment extremely safe as we do not expose your capital to any FX or Crypto currency volatility changes.

Follow the BitInvest registration prompts to register and our support team with thereafter be in touch with you.  Should you have any queries or need assistance in this regard, please feel free to send an email to us at with your query.

We do have a referral system in place. Should you be interested, please email for more information.

After your trade is complete, the money will be deposited back into your allocated bank account within 24 business hours of completion.  Please note that the profits realized per transaction shall be deposited into your allocated bank account and the capital invested shall be deposited into the intermediary bank account to be opened on your behalf, to be used for the following trade(s).

It may takes between 48-72 business hours to process your account after online website registration. 

We charge management fees and fees for FIA application.  The management fee is only applicable if the client is profitable, failing which no fee is payable (thus demonstrating our confidence in our trading model).  Please see our pricing guide in Annexure A of our Terms and Conditions for a more thorough breakdown of our fees. 

Our management fees are as follows:


  • Trading fees:
  • 30% (thirty percent, excl VAT) of the total profit realised per trade.

    For example; if the capital investment of R200 000 is traded with and a gross profit of R6,000,00 is realised, the Company’s trading fee will equate to R1,800,00 (excl VAT).
  • The trading fees will be deducted by the Company after every trade has been completed, with the nett profit after fees paid to the client into his/her designated profit bank account.  The Capital shall be re-transferred to the client’s intermediary bank account in order to continue the trading process.
  • Tax clearance fees:
  • R1200,00 per successful FCA application.  This is payable within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Fees are exclusive of VAT, to the extent that VAT is applicable.

BitInvest currently only accepts clients willing to invest a capital sum of R100 000+

Please see the below ‘What is an SDA and FIA’ for more information.


Every South African citizen qualifies for an SDA (Single Discretionary Allowance) of R1 000 000 per year. This amount means that you can trade up to one million rand per calendar year (1st of January to 31st of December). An SDA does not require SARS approval.

Once your SDA has been exhausted (or even before the expiry of the SDA), you can apply for a FIA (Foreign Investment Allowance) of up to R10 000 000 (in addition to the R1 000 000 under the SDA). This amount means that you can trade with an additional ten million rand per calendar year.  To obtain an FIA, an application must be submitted to SARS.  You do not need to apply for the full R10 000 000 at once, but you can apply for any amount which can be justified (i.e. if you can demonstrate that you hold such funds locally). BitInvest is able to guide you through this process and is able to facilitate the obtainment of the FIA through our skilled agents.
It is important to note that every trade utilizes a portion of the client’s SDA or FIA. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he/she does not exceed his allowance limits and must take into account any other amounts that are spent/invested/remitted offshore.

FOR EXAMPLE; if you invest R100 000 with us and instruct us to use your full SDA, we will use the same R100 000 to transact with on 10 different occasions in order to reach the R1 000 000 SDA limit.

  • a copy of your South African ID book / ID card (not passport).
  • proof of address (not more than 3 months old).
  • You should be over the age of 18 years old.
  • A minimum of R100 000 in your bank account to trade with. Proof of funds will be required by means of the client’s most recent bank statement.
  • By law, you need to have not utilized your full SDA or FIA – this is explained in the next FAQ.
  • If you are making use of your FIA, a tax clearance is required (we can refer you to our tax agent to assist with this application).
  • One trade will take approximately 24 – 72 hours from the time the forex currency is purchased, to the time the profit is paid back to you.
  • The profit percentage can vary and isn’t fixed, but BitInvest is generally able to realize 3 – 3.5% gross profit for the client per trade based on historical data. This is remarkable bearing in mind that most bank accounts offer this interest rate per annum.  The Client has the potential to make a 100% return on investment in the space of less than a year, if the Client keeps the initial capital investment with BitInvest and allows BitInvest to trade numerous transaction on behalf of the client.

  • By using our Bitcoin price algorithm, BitInvest is able to determine price discrepancies between various markets and establish the best time to trade, by buying Bitcoin at a discounted price and selling Bitcoin at a premium soon thereafter on a different market. This saves you from having to watch various markets and exchanges all day and from having to do the necessary calculations and trades yourself (even if you familiar with the arbitrage trading process).
  • The team at BitInvest are experienced with this method of trading, and are able to generate substantial returns on investment for our clients which completely outperform more traditional investments.