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How long does a trade take?

One trade will take approximately 24 - 72 hours from the time the forex currency is purchased, to the time the profit is paid back to you. Read more

How much profit can I earn?

The profit percentage can vary and isn’t fixed, but BitInvest is generally able to realize 3 - 3.5% gross profit for the client per trade based on historical data. This is remarkable bearing in mind that most bank accounts offer this interest rate per annum.  The Client has the potential to make a 100% return on investment in the space of less than a year, if the Client keeps the initial capital investment with BitInvest and allows BitInvest to trade numerous ... Read more

How does BitInvest help me?

By using our Bitcoin price algorithm, BitInvest is able to determine price discrepancies between various markets and establish the best time to trade, by buying Bitcoin at a discounted price and selling Bitcoin at a premium soon thereafter on a different market. This saves you from having to watch various markets and exchanges all day and from having to do the necessary calculations and trades yourself (even if you familiar with the arbitrage trading process). The team at BitInvest are experienced with ... Read more
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