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We charge management fees and fees for FIA application.  The management fee is only applicable if the client is profitable, failing which no fee is payable (thus demonstrating our confidence in our trading model).  Please see our pricing guide in Annexure A of our Terms and Conditions for a more thorough breakdown of our fees. 

Our management fees are as follows:


  • Trading fees:
  • 30% (thirty percent, excl VAT) of the total profit realised per trade.

    For example; if the capital investment of R200 000 is traded with and a gross profit of R6,000,00 is realised, the Company’s trading fee will equate to R1,800,00 (excl VAT).
  • The trading fees will be deducted by the Company after every trade has been completed, with the nett profit after fees paid to the client into his/her designated profit bank account.  The Capital shall be re-transferred to the client’s intermediary bank account in order to continue the trading process.
  • Tax clearance fees:
  • R1200,00 per successful FCA application.  This is payable within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Fees are exclusive of VAT, to the extent that VAT is applicable.

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